This purchase gives you access to 5 LIVE yoga/meditation classes on Zoom. A link to the class will be provided to you upon purchase. Please email renee@reneewalkerwellness to let us know which class you would like to attend.

Yoga Classes:

  • Tuesday Warrior Flow 10am
  • Wednesday Slow Flow 8pm
  • Thursday Warrior Flow 10am
  • Friday Slow Flow 10am
  • Sunday Warrior Flow 10am

Meditation Classes:

  • Monday 7am (15 min express meditation)
  • Tuesday 7pm (45 min reflect & meditate class)
  • Thursday 7am (15 min express meditation)
Watch Intro Video

Enjoy this 10 minute meditation designed to invite more peace & ease within

Yoga with Renée is an experience everyone needs. No matter what’s happening in my life and the world around us, I always look forward to my time on the mat with Renée because I feel relaxed, calm and refocused afterwards. Of course there’s the added benefit of all the wonderful things yoga has to offer…increased flexibility, protection from injury and increased muscle strength…but it’s really Renée’s energy, warmth and kindness, and the beautiful souls who I’ve met in her practice, that draw me back again and again. --Gertrude V.